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Today was the grand opening on a new motorcycle museum! While I was at work, I decided to stop by and check things out. I am definitely going to stop in again when I'm not at work to take a closer look at everything.

It's located in Augusta, KS and the admission is free, they just ask for a small donation to help keep it open. The owner already has some plans for expansion to continue bringing in these extraordinary motorcycles. If you're in the area or want to make a trip out of it (well worth it!) let me know... I'll be around! They actually had a gentleman fly in from Florida for the grand opening!




A rare 1930 Harley (1 of 2 built)

The motorcycle undergoing restoration is going to be used for the upcoming Cannonball 2016 run.




Ratfink inspired trike and a Nitro Harley

Coffin with a Buell engine.



Vetter Aficionado
Went back to the museum today and actually spent some time looking around. I was also able to learn about some of the bikes in there.

One of the motorcycles in there is a Wood motorcycle. It was a gentleman that manufactured one motorcycle, hoping to get into production and never made it. Literally, a one of a kind bike. If I recall correctly, it was made in 1914.

Probably the most expensive piece in there is a 1913 Cyclone. There are 6 known to exist. It was put in an auction awhile back, bid was $650,000 and the owner refused the offer.

If you enjoy the history of motorcycles, I cannot recommend a better place to check out.

Kynan C.

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Wow 650k!! Thats like some of those Brough Superiors. It's amazing what some of these classic bikes can bring.

If I am ever in that neck of the woods it definitely looks like a place to check out!

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