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I have an 86 GL1200A with a Terraplane attached. We have a great deal of headshake. between 15 -25 mph, i need advice.
I would very much like a Terraplain for my 83 Honda 750. I have been planning on getting one for my 70th birthday. It's like it was made for my motorcycle. I need y'alls help Someone who can let the shipping people to pick it up. maybe even on a pallet and let the shipping guys pack it up or whatever is customary.
I'm looking for info on mounting radio sound pod on a windjammer fairing. Used mounts, pictures, instructions would be great!
Also what hardware should use for putting lowers on a windjammer 3?
It is up and running as well as tracking straight. I have no idea why the photos rotated.


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Awsome terraplane, I wonder how much would cost to send one of these here to France.
The 1977 Terraplane I found was $3300 US. No clue on shipping charges
Thanks for the message, I have seen cheaper but probably not in that condition.
Hello from Michigan. 79 Honda gl1000 vetter terraplane recently aquired


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