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  • I would like to receive a patch. My address is PO box 185B Staffordville Connecticut 06077 Thank you. BTW I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Am I the only one who cares enough to report this stuff? Why can't anything be done about the spam messages that have been invading the forum? Is there a way to intercept first-time posts so they can be cleared as legitimate before appearing? Please!!!
    What is with all of the spam advertising over the past week or two? I have been reporting them, but isn't there a way to block them?
    I was wondering if I could ask if you could id a fairing if I posted some pics and gave serial number?
    I wanted to upload some new pictures of my bike but it says there too big. I don't know how to make them smaller. It really looks good now would love to post some pictures of it. Thanks I could email you a picture and maybe you could shrink it. I don't know how..
    Thanks for the email re:Windjammer V and Interstate Fairing Remember that forum code requires a tag after .....
    Hello AVetterXS!

    Thanks for the VOG patch and for finding the CycleSounds housings. It will take me about two weeks, but if we can work something out I'd like to buy the first housing you mentioned- nice condition, larger speakers/w emblem, $55. Many thanks!

    Mark "Voodoo Red"
    I wanted to upload my pictures to my gallery but it says there to large. I don't know how to make them small. can you move them from my post to the gallery or only I can do that .. or another option please I guess I could reshoot them in a different setting. I do have some cool ones I cant duplicate.. Thanks again..
    Who are you going to have do the stickers? One of my clients owns a sign company and he does a lot of vintage stuff on magnets. I could find out if he is interested.
    Great news! Thank you for the penalties! Just found a mount to put a WJ on my xs11. Need to get 3 WJ's in a pic!
    7835 Clausen Rd, Helena, MT 59601 PS - I'm still watching those new Vindicators! They have 5 silver ones. I think one would look good on the wall of the shop!
    If you have found something, you can directly contact my in my email;
    I would appreciate a good copy of whatever you can find. Thanks. Dave.
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