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What do they mean, "allowed"?
Ok, like here, I take it that, for example, blue lights are solely for emergency services, etc. Is there a restriction on auxiliary lighting otherwise? It makes no sense to me that a motorcycle would be prohibited from having DLRs, and auxiliary driving / fog lamps, etc.


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Some States don't allow adding auxiliary lighting such as high power "driving lights" or add on fog lights. I remember when it was illegal in all States to run any headlights except DOT approved Sealed Beam Headlights. Lighting back then was horrible! When I got my Windjammer it still had a "Motorcycle" sealed beam bulb and I forgot about it until the first time I took a ride at night after mounting my Windjammer on my bike. I could not see anything! I ordered a modern 7" H4 headlight and put it in my Windjammer. After removing the Sealed beam bulb I noted the wattage rating for the two filaments printed on the back of the bulb. It was 25 watts low beam and 35 watts on high. Even worse was the beam pattern. On high it was straight ahead. On low beam it switched to the right. The only thing you could see on low beam were animal eyes reflecting from the ditch beside the road!
I guess they are going to make it legal to run add-on lights because everyone is simply ignoring the current outdated lighting laws, most of which are from the 60's and early 70's. Here in Alabama it's still technically illegal to install auxiliary lights on Motorcycles unless the Bike came from the factory with them. I talking about the two small lights mounted beside the headlight on full dresser Harley Davidson’s. If it came with them they are legal. If you purchased them separately and put them on they were illegal. Imagine what a nightmare it would become trying to prove your little lights were installed by the dealer if you got a "fix it ticket" for having them and you purchased the bike with them on it. It's also illegal to have Ape Hanger handlebars that extend more than 18" above the seat but no one enforces that law. There's one local cop that rides his personal bike with very high Ape Hangers. They also ignore added LED lights as long as they are not Blue, are red to the rear, or white at the front. Amber lights can face any direction.
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