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  • AntelopeSam
    Hi All I have owned a '79 Suzuki GS850g (amongst other bikes) for a fair few years now but have always wanted to use it for more distant rides because of how smooth & comfortable it is. When I set out looking for a screen last year I...
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  • kjell lindberg
    Thanks Larry. But the cost of shipping would be huge.
  • kjell lindberg
    Changed bike from '09 FLSTC to '98 FXDWG. Trunk stays! Never did see another Softail Heritage with Vetter trunk on my Europe riding, do not anticipate to meet another EVO Dyna with a Vetter trunk in the nereby future. Now, if I could...
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  • Scott-E
    What you may want to do is just use a standard 4 pin trailer light connector. They can be found everywhere and because they are standard all manufacturers make them exactly alike no matter the brand name.
  • Heavy Armor
    Okay, that's kinda what i suspected. I looked at the Molex because they seemed the most similar, but then nothing quite matched. Guess I'll just update. Thanks for the info!
  • Scott-E
    It's a 3 pin Molex connector. Over the years Molex changed the connectors slightly to improve them. I don't think you'll find an exact match for it so you could reuse it. It's the same connector that was used on Vetter trunks that were...
  • Heavy Armor
    I've been trying to locate the plug end that will match up to the factory plug located at the serial plate. I'm having zero luck finding anything online that looks correct. Does anyone know a "name" or a "type" that I can look up, or is...
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  • J
    jimmiejag replied to the thread Hi From Kirkwood MO.
    As an update to my original posting, the compression in one cylinder was 110 psi but the other was 25 psi, so I took both heads to a local expert, Dave Clark, who did a thorough job on them. I also took both pistons and cylinders to...
  • Heavy Armor
    Ok, I saw that but wanted to make sure. My bike ('03 Triumph Speed master) has zero marker lights, only a headlight and tail light, so I guess this won't work for me. Do you see any issues arising if I just slap a few automotive diodes...
  • Heavy Armor
    I'm not quite following... if you're slowing down to make a turn, you have both the brake and the blinker on at the same time. The voltage on the blinker pulses, so there are brief moments when the relay would switch right back to the...
  • Heavy Armor
    So I'm wiring this thing into my bike, and looking at the schematic included in the old PDF manual, there's a tail light wire, a brake light, and an "accessory", whatever that is. I had assumed I would just wire the blinker and the...
  • Two"85s"
    I believe that are 1/8 with a 1/4 inch reach. Keep in mind that you will need washers to go on the back ( fiberglass side ).
  • Heavy Armor
    I have never in my life worked with rivets, so I'm completely unfamiliar with them. I bought a gun and a pack of what I thought were the correct size for the canopy hinge, but realized after the 1st attempt that they're much too short...
  • J
    jimmiejag reacted to Stumpy(NH)'s post in the thread RainyDayDecals with Like Like.
    Try using a hair dryer and peeling them off. Tedious project, at best, but I have had success this way.
  • T
    The Womble replied to the thread New member in south Wales, UK.
    Thanks for that advice, Scott. I will check when the weather allows although I can`t use the bike at the moment as it needs two new tyres so there`s no chance of anything falling off just yet. As I have 2 fairings, I do have 2 spares...