Original terraplane shock specs


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I recently completed and have been testing and refining the rig. Yesterday I loaded 120 lbs of sand bags on the seat to familiarize myself with handling a loaded sidecar. Different handling but manageable, however on my way home from my sons house about 100yards from my road I hit something in the road, heard a loud thunk and then whipped over to the right and into the weeds. Thankfully I was going fairly slow so minimal damage and no injury but the sidecar wheel had jammed into the fender. The cause of this was a sheared upper shock mount and collapsed suspension. The shock was replaced on the rebuild with a recommended shock from a fellow driver. I am not sure if the shock is at fault, it is somewhat stiff or a preexisting crack in the pintle mount for the upper shock eye. The original shock mounted when I took delivery of the sidecar was shot, rusted and jammed solid so I had no point of reference. I would appreciate it if some of you members could provide me with recommended shocks that are similar in performance to the original shock installed by the manufacturer and where to obtain the recommended shocks. The upper shock mount sheared even with the surface of the roll bar from which it protrudes. Thank you in advance. Craig


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I was told that it's the same one used on the late 70s GoldWing 1000. You will need to order one for the shaft side to get one
that fits.