Where to buy the original SES-Clamps for WJ IV bracket Honda 750 K(B) and bolts/nuts for Shield


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Thank you all! The SES-Clamps were the original clamps for mounting the bracket to the bike frame. I'll try to use other clamps (stemming from lighting technics/business)...

Larry Fine

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Aha. My WJ5 bracket is held onto the bike frame with standard hose clamps.




Alan F.

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The difference with SES brand clamps was that the flat area on either side of the wormgear was a little wider. Also I'm not sure if they were stainless steel or zinc plated. I remember having sold some many years ago that were hard to turn due to white oxidization, seems this could be a nice way to keep them tight by design.

I've always thought tack welding the tops and bottoms of the mount saddles to the bike's frame would be best, more permanent and all, but I bow to the millions upon millions of miles ridden with clamps only.


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I used plan old hose clamps on my frame brackets without any issues for years now. I did cut up an old inner tube and used the rubber to protect the bikes paint. I just wrapped the rubber around the frame tubes, held it in place with black electrical tape, and then clamped the brackets in place.

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