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    Vetter on American Motorcyclist cover.

    A Vetter on the American Motorcyclist Magazine early 80s.The cover talks about a Vetter Rally .Anyone here go to that ?
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    Suzuki Savage

    I like fairings and the Vetter has the protection from the wind i need .I figure a good fairing ,a set of Hippo hands and my battery powered gloves and I am good for the winter.Last winter was the first winter I had trouble riding because my hands were getting too cold.Could it be I am getting...
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    Suzuki Savage

    Hopefully that will happen in the next week.Like I said i want it for an Eagle sidecar which is designed for light bikes .
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    Suzuki Savage

    Thanks for the info.really like you said the only way will be to measure one unless someone here on the forum has put on on a Savage.I have an Eagle sidecar for the Savage.I am putting my Terraplane on an old Tour Glide.A lot of projects lol
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    Suzuki Savage

    I getting a Suzuki Savage for free.I am planning on putting a sidecar on it and using it mostly in the winter.Has anyone here put a Windjammer fairing on one.if so post a picture
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    Terraplane #432

    Mine is the 3 bolt lens
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    Support Bar Question

    That I will be finding out shortly.The upper body on mine is on with tie straps because it was unfished project when i got it .I am hoping to take that off next week .
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    Terraplane #432

    Sounds great.let me know how much and message me your address .
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    Serial Numbers Terraplane

    From what i am guessing under 1000 Vetter Terraplanes were made in the early 80s.The records were destroyed in a fire accord to a post I read somewhere.What are the numbers of the Vetters in this group ?What are the difference between the lower # sidecars and the higher numbers?With mine being...
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    Vetter Terraplane Christmas pictures.

    Does anyone have Sidecar Santa pictures with their Terriplane ? Please if you do post them over on the USCA facebook page .I help run the page and I am hoping to see some Holiday decorated Vetter Terraplanes on the page in the next couple weeks.Please also post pictures of your Terraplanes there...
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    Vetter Terraplane ad

    Here is the rest of the brochure
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    Patches, Patches, and Patches!

    if you have one left i could use one.
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    Terraplane turn signals.

    I found a set of nice amber running lights i will order for the sidecar.They will be the turn signals.Being that they are led i may have have to use a different turn signal relay.I found that 1966 Pontiac fog light i was planning on using as "head light " .If i can get to look right i will use...
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    Vetter Terraplane ad

    Larry ,it looks good on the bike.
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    Vetter Terraplane ad

    A picture from a Vetter brochure on Ebay .