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    Replacement Parts

    I bought a chrome nut cover through an 18 wheeler catalog. Doesn't cover the whole wheel flange, but looks nice enough covering the lug nut.
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    Terraplane brake pedal on GL1100

    I thought metering would be a problem. I envisioned either by restriction valve or pot size change. After riding my rig without a brake for almost two years, quick stop muscle memory still has me on just the rear pedal and hand lever. Right now I'm all over the road in three brake stops...
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    Terraplane brake pedal on GL1100

    Not too many talkers here. But just realized it had been couple of years when I was thinking about linking front brake to car. How did your brake mod turn out?
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    Terraplane brake pedal on GL1100

    Three runs to hardware store and success. Thanks Amazon for master cylinder overnight delivery. Repurposed an unknown bracket. Could have been from a heal/toe shifter mount. Moved all components to outside of brackets under car frame. I cleaned up and reused the original TP Airheart disc...
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    Terraplane brake pedal on GL1100

    The side by side is what I remember on my old one, but that just won't work with my floorboards. Pretty sure my memory's not that bad and I did have floorboards on my old rig. Must have stopped thinking about over the winter long enough to look at it differently today. Realized TP brake arm...
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    Naked Terraplane

    I don't have the exact style number, but it's a Spyder aftermarket rack from Show Chrome. Google search brings up lots of options. I almost went the route of expensive MG style rack with rotating mounts, but this one sits much taller on the rear legs and little angle pieces brought the mount...
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    Terraplane brake pedal on GL1100

    Can I ask for pictures of brake pedals on Terraplane set ups? I had the Vetter (go-cart) brake system on my first car back in the 80's and remember plenty of room for my feet on floorboards. As well as touching either or both of the pedals. I can't for the life of me figure out what's...
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    Naked Terraplane

    I just noticed the car battery. Are you using it instead of bike battery? How does alternator/stator handle the big battery?
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    Naked Terraplane

    Like your dual level luggage rack. Pardon the pun, I hacked this rack on mine last year. And removed all the seat pieces for Auto my stray rescue.
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    Need help on restoration of a fairing trunk and bags.

    I've had very good success with this ABS glue and fiberglass mesh (drywall style). Repair patch on inside of fairing. Had the original crack visible from outside with many years of riding after the repair and no further cracking. The lighter has a screw-on cap nut on the inside. Ground wire...
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    How to remove radio from an SS

    Pull the speakers out first to find the nuts inside. Couple of steel "L" bracket in the corners attached thru windshield bolts. Been a few years (decades) since riding with an SS, but do remember fixing a couple of stress cracks. Probably from the weight bouncing or maybe my insistent...
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    Gl1000 Terraplane update

    Great looking rig. Have my eye on a leading link near me. What's the additional bar and mechanism across the back end of TP? I had my original '78 with custom adjustable Califia trunk. Two up the trunk was almost entirely past the rear wheel. For single riding I made a small platform off...
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    Looks like a Terraplane frame Found this on Craiglist this morning. Definitely a rebuild Terraplane frame. Nice powder coat paint job.
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    Leading link or leg / Modified trees

    That's the way I got my Terraplane last summer. Never even started the bike. Gone in a few weeks. Would only want the bike for the LL. But first want to ask does your hack already have a link? Why wouldn't you swap out? I've never ridden with a link but it sounds like a great improvement...
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    gl1000 bike side mounts

    Evening, David Getting a chance to go thru the sidehack/Vetter/GL sites for the first time in a while. I currently have an 8 year old 83 Interstate with TP installed last fall. Had a 78 GL1000 and 82 GL1100A with TP. All three brand new back in the day. Never really looked between the two...