1. T

    Terraplane Sidecar

    Hello, Thanks for the add. I recently acquired what I believe to be Terraplane tub, on a home made frame. Clearly this strange swing arm tire set up is a backyard special, but from what I've seen on this forum the frame is starting to seem home made as well. Does anyone have pictures of a...
  2. I


    Looking for a PDF of the original Manual and any other materials that would be helpful in installing my Terraplan sidecar onto a Road Glide. I found one link on here - but it appears to be hacked, taking me to a Russian site? I don't want to see Donald's emails - just a manual. Any help?
  3. R

    Car wheel on a Terraplane

    Hi, Does anyone have modified the original sidecar wheel for a car wheel (13 or 14po)? I've seen several Terraplane on an european forum with this type of wheel and I will be interested as it will better fit with my bike (FZ1). http://www.side-car-club-francais.com/index2.htm (go to 'Panorama...
  4. Larry Fine

    Terraplane, anyone?

    This one is about an hour from me, if I can be of any help. http://fredericksburg.craigslist.org/mpo/5675433534.html