Car wheel on a Terraplane


Does anyone have modified the original sidecar wheel for a car wheel (13 or 14po)? I've seen several Terraplane on an european forum with this type of wheel and I will be interested as it will better fit with my bike (FZ1).
(go to 'Panorama side-car' on the left menu then select Vetter and check the 4 first pictures with an XS, FJ and Vmax. I have copied the pictures below.)

All pictures show the same wheel, therefore I assume the sidecar was supplied with this type of wheel.



I cannot tell for sure, but those look like a very common alloy trailer wheel. Check out ebay items
361953874759 and 151481996573. Add your bearings (or new replacements) and you should be good to go. You would lose the brake, of course.
I'm sure there is a way to retain the brake, but it might involve some fabrication. Also, the hub I linked is much heavier-duty than you need, but the wheel I found had 5 x 5 bolt pattern. If you widen your wheel search, you will find some 4 bolt hardware that is better suited for the light duty of our sidecars.