Vetter rear box on H-D Heritage Custom

It looks as if Rear luggage box no. 36-200494 was inspected and approved jan 22 1979
I have a small label inside with that date.
Oddly enough I have the early Vetter lettering on the rear (with the Vetter symbol), but latter lettering without the symbol on the sides.
The box is totally standard and not tampered with as far as I can see.

Still have not located a new lock here in Sweden so I might have to shell out some greens and buy a replacement in the US.
Shiping will cost as much as the whole luggage box...

Pictures will follow as soon as the box is mounted securely on the bike.


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Wow! I just looked to see what it would cost to mail something to Sweden... $33.95 appears to be the cheapest method. That is crazy!
Yea, tell me about it…

I had to find my luggage box in Great Britain.
The cost of shipping was just so much cheaper when compared to have it shipped out from the US.

Vetter equipment 4-sale here in Sweden is about as common as a Hen teeth.
A few older Goldwings imported from America still have trunks and fairings from Vetter.
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Well, if you want to pay for the postage, I'm sure I have a lock somewhere. I just need to find it. Keep looking for a cheaper option, but the offer is there if you want it.