I see ghosts


Five Star Vetteral
Ebay said for the right amount of money, this could be yours... so now it is mine.


Never saw anything about these before, and there isn't much on the web about them, so this should be interesting. Oh yeah, it reads "BY Vetter" under Ghost.


Five Star Vetteral
No, ebay. There was one on Clist in Scranton, PA back in June, but it has since been removed. I have been looking at this for several weeks and finally offered the guy 1/2 of what he wanted and he took it.


Learning the Ropes
I saw that too! Wondering if it falls into the category of stuff made after Craig sold the company

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Five Star Vetteral
I had to adjust it a little to get rid of some budgeting and I still have a little bit of adjusting to go, but so far, I really like it. Around town speeds, not problem... just a slight buffeting at 80+. It's a little different than a WJ in that the headlight moves unlike the WJ. The shape at the top is very similar to the WJ windscreen, so not much of a change in that respect.