Craig Vetter Seriously Injured In Streetbike Crash

Newest Update From Carol Vetter 08-08-2016

It's almost been a year!

Craig update. We saw improvement after stopping one of the seizure meds but still had some problems. One morning Craig didn't know who I was and was acting strangely so again... I became vocal and the neurologist allowed that we could lower the dosage of the remaining seizure medication. Bingo... more good changes. One of the possible side effects of this medication is a rash. I noticed red spots on Craig's upper arms a couple of days ago and was told to stop that particular medication. We did and the next day the spots were gone. We were told to start it up and again. I am watching carefully.

Next week we go up to Stanford to see the eye specialist we saw last April. This guy said he can fix Craig's double vision but wanted to make sure the eyes weren't still changing before he operates. Next Monday he will repeat the tests and compare. If there is no change, I wonder if he will operate right there an then. He said it is a "walk in and walk out" kind of procedure. It sure would be great for Craig to be able to see one image instead of 2.

We have an appt later this month with another specialist up at Stanford who will review our seizure medications. We hope this young guy will have new ideas as he specializes in TBI patients with seizures. Medical marijuana? Maybe... we hear it is successfully being used to treat some seizures.

At this time, Craig is getting close to where he was prior to the first seizure. That is huge considering that the seizure meds make him dizzy, which he already was, and are known to cause short term memory loss in older folks... which we were dealing with before.

We are still a long way from "fine," but I think we are back on the road in the right direction... something that we have missed since May 1st and that first seizure.

As always, I cling to Scripture: Romans 12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" and Psalm 28:7 "The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy" well.. most of the time. It's really hard to be joyful when I am tired or crabby... or both.

Thank you all for your continued interest, prayers and encouragement. They are all so appreciated.
As for the huge Big Sur fire which has been threatening our ranch and poisoning our air... we are out of danger. We had to postpone Craig's birthday celebration because of it. It didn't stop him from celebrating with the cookies our friend Denise sent.

I have unpacked the cars and have begun taking the photos and other valuables out of the garage and back into the house. We still need to keep the windows closed at night as the air quality is very bad and we keep masks in the house and car. Praise God for our safety, but it is still a very dangerous fire. News coverage has been poor, but you can read about it online "the Soberanes fire"

This Friday will be the 1 year anniversary of Craig's crash. We are having a celebration of life and belated birthday party. Our neighbor is donating some venison... appropriate don't you think?


Newest Update From Carol Vetter 08-11-2016

It's Been 12 Months

Tomorrow, August 12, 2016 is the one year anniversary of Craig's deer/motorcycle accident. A whole year. I can hardly believe it. Craig has come a long long way. His physical therapist is so pleased with his recent progress. I believe it is due to our lowering the dosage of seizure medication he is taking. Craig gets to go to PT twice a week... you can see why he enjoys it.

Newest Update From Carol Vetter 08-16-2016

Fixing the Eye

Monday we went up to Stanford Eye Clinic to see the doctor who examined Craig's eyes in April. He repeated the tests and determined there have not been significant changes, therefore he is comfortable operating. He is going to loosen a muscle on the inside of the left eye, tighten one on the top and tighten #6 on the outside. The anesthesiologist will determine whether the operation is done in the office or in the hospital. It should be a walk in/walk out deal. We are very excited.

Next Monday we go up again to see the neurology specialist at the Stanford Neuroscience institute. Different drugs? New therapy? This man is a young guy who specializes in TBI and seizures... just what Craig has. We are even more excited.

Craig has been doing very well since we cut back on his seizure meds. He is close to where he was before the first seizure... steady when he walks, not so confused, good humor and probably ready to start swimming again.

And of course one of the best parts about going up to Stanford is that on the way back we always stop at Max's in the Stanford Shopping Center... hmmm something has changed on this site and I can not figure out how to add a photo... What am I missing?

Newest Update From Carol Vetter 08-22-2016

Back to Stanford

Another good experience with Stanford Healthcare. We were early and so was the doctor! This guy specializes in seizures in folks with TBI and did a very thorough and interesting examination. We did not learn anything earth shattering. He was good with our meds... darn. Didn't seem alarmed by anything he heard from us or found during his examination. He explained some things to me about seizures and what to watch for. He wants us to just keep chugging along, increase Craig's exercise and eat right... that probably means not so much sugar....

I am signed up online to access all of Craig's information with Stanford, his doctors and test results. How cool is that! I just accessed the tests we had done today... I opened the "CBC with Differential" (I thought a differential was part of a car) results and thought, "Huh?" Even though I haven't a clue what I am reading, one column shows Craig's values and the other column shows standard range so I can see if any of his numbers are off. The metabolic panel had the same 2 columns so I could see if Craig's numbers were where they should be. Stanford is so cool. When you check in, they give you this card with a bar code that you take with you everywhere and when you check in somewhere, you put the card under this screen and it informs those who care that you are there. Very uptown for us country bumpkins.

But the coolest part is that I can email any of my doctors! I confess that I already emailed our guy from today with questions I forgot to ask, but I promised him I would try not to bother him. It is just so empowering to know I can email my guys. Anytime!

Will polk around more on that site tomorrow. It's bedtime for us. We are exhausted and tomorrow morning Craig has to be up and ready to go to Bible study at 6:30... ugh... but I can go back to bed for a couple of hours after he leaves... which I plan to do.I almost forgot the best part... the NeuroScience Center is right across the street from the Stanford Shopping Center. Come on ladies... does it get any better than that? God is so good.


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