Calling All Vetter Keys

Craig came up with a good idea and asked me if I would like to implement it.

Project Vetter Keys
The goal is to harvest as many original Vetter keys as possible and make a master Vetter keyring. From there I will duplicate the master Vetter keyring. If anybody comes to us and is missing keys for any of their Vetter bags, tailtrunk or tonneau cover, I can then send them the duplicate keyring. They can try keys to find a match for their accessory. Once located, then they can go have the key or keys copied. Once done they can send the Vetter keyring back.

What we are asking?
If you have any spare master keys that are not listed in the list below, we are asking if you would donate them to the cause. Our goal is to make a keyring that houses every Vetter key that was produced. Please understand that when you donate your keys they will not be coming back. It would be ideal if members would take a picture of their lock in place with the fairing serial number. Have their key copied, keep the copy and send the original.

Facts from Craig Vetter
Hudson, Illinois, Briggs and Stratton and maybe others supplied locks and keys. They are stamped VF-xxx. They might be fairing-luggage, which would be the same assemblies. They might be sidecar. There are no ID marks on the lock assemblies that I can see … just some names on the keys. We may find out that the various Windjammer serial ranges matched up with one of the suppliers which would make things easier. There could between 50 and 100 different keys.

Cost to use the duplicate Vetter keyring
A deposit for twice the cost of the duplicates ring (TBD) and postage. Once you have sent the ring back your deposit will be returned.

What keys do we want?
Vetter bags, tailtrunk or tonneau cover. Check the master list to make sure we don't have it already.

Where do I send keys?
Vetter Owners Group
814 18th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Do I get anything for donating keys?
I will post the member name and what numbers they donated. Also, you get a huge thank you from myself and Craig Vetter.
Master Key List

VF-101 : Donated by Craig Vetter
VF-102 : Donated by Craig Vetter
VF-103 : Donated by Craig Vetter
VF-104 : Donated by Craig Vetter
VF-106 : Donated by Craig Vetter
VF-108 : Donated by Craig Vetter
VF-109 : Donated by Craig Vetter

GB376 Hudson : Donated by AVetterXS
GB499 Hudson : Donated by Craig Vetter

F205 Illinois : Donated by Craig Vetter

C407A : Donated by AVetterXS
Went to another locksmith but they retired also:-(
Look like I might have to go to a box store.Had a couple of house keys to give to my neighbors when I was in and out of the hospital,had to go back twice to get keys that worked.
I will send the master,I have two but want a good working copy on my spare set of bike keys.Give me a little bit more time and will have it on the way.
Damn VOGS...
No problem,will take my spare master which has only been used a time or two and should give me a good copy later today to the dreaded box store:eek:
Tried three places yesterday but they did not have the proper blank.Will keep looking and still need to take pic of it in place and get serial number.Thought it would be easy to get a key made but the big box stores put the mom pop stores out in the street.I have a number of a guy who works in his basement and lives one street away,will call him/her tomorrow.
I am going to Wing get together later today at the QS&L,one of those guys will know for sure.I have no problem sending key but I do want a spare for myself. I have never lost a key but:) there is that first time :eek:
Gotta love the Keymaker in Matrix!


If anyone has duplicated keys, the key blank numbers could be useful. Tracking down information is proving to be 'futile' in some cases.
Ron,just about impossible to find a blank.Looks like the maker of the key has denied access to the original blanks.
I have one more place to try on monday,it's about 8 miles from here in Harrison OH.A locksmith has to look at it to see if he has it with no key numbers other than the VF number.
That was why I got into making keys for the old Goldwings. People couldn't find locals to cut them. In the case of Vetter product locks, so many different ones. I found some keys for the codes, but the "VF" series looks totally different.

If someone 'has' made copies of any of the keys in the past, a key blank number could be useful. Locals may not have the blanks, but that doesn't mean they can't be acquired. One set of Vetter locks I have, came with no keys and I was able to disassemble one and hand file a Yamaha key blank to fit. Double-sided and grooves look nothing like the pics in this thread. But it fits and works.
AV,If he is able to have some blanks I will send my master 105 and have you get a copy if you could for me.
So far,no luck. The one guy had some kinda computer to scan it and found nothing.