1995 goldwing interstate


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That's going to be a very unique looking Goldwing when you are done with it. You'll need to cover up all that ugly stuff on the sides. Coroplast is cheap and very easy to work with. If you don't know what Coroplast is, it's plastic cardboard. You can cut it with a box knife and paint it with that rattle can spray paint that's labelled for use on plastic. Here a 4' X 8' sheet is $15. You can also get it free by plucking road side signs advertising all sorts of stuff. Almost all those signs are made of Coroplast. Most localities have made them illegal but people still put them up ignoring those sign littering laws. That means you can pluck them and not get in trouble for it. You can cut them to the size you need, spray paint them to match, and then use zip ties to attach them. I did that on my modern Honda Shadow with it's Windjammer 4. I wanted lowers but there was no way to adapt Vetter lowers due to the feet forward controls. You can see my Coroplast Lowers attached to my (DIY) crash bar in front of the rear brake pedal.


Thanks. I was at lowes today lookING at plexiglass to cut down the windscreen. And seen coroblast but didn't know what iI was called. What did you cut your screen with.


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Replacement plastic should be easy to find just depends on how much you want to spend for it. That will look interesting when they're finished.