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Hello everyone. Thanks for the add. I've been busy scrounging up parts for my 81 900custom Honda. I've ordered stock exhaust but it won't arrive until May. I just drove14 hours (there and back to buy a pair of Vetter bags with brackets for a 78 wing) modifications expected. I work in a metal shop so I should be okay. Currently looking for a top box but there doesn't seem to be much out there.
Looking for information on zero numbers on a Terraplane 100854
Hi Thomas, All serial numbers start with 100. The highest number I have seen was around 100935. That tells us that there were only about 950 Terraplanes made. Yours at 854 is one of the last one hundred made. Mike
They were made for two or three years only around 1979-81. They cost about $3,000 at the time which was expensive as an XS11 bike cost about 4200 at the time. .The three point connection and adjustable trim grip were two features that were new to sidecars as I understand. There is a bit of history. Mike
I would like to receive a patch. My address is PO box 185B Staffordville Connecticut 06077 Thank you. BTW I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.
Am I the only one who cares enough to report this stuff? Why can't anything be done about the spam messages that have been invading the forum? Is there a way to intercept first-time posts so they can be cleared as legitimate before appearing? Please!!!
What is with all of the spam advertising over the past week or two? I have been reporting them, but isn't there a way to block them?
Mounts done been terrorising the neighborhood for past 2 days. Will need some final tweeking, but a blast to drive.
Bought my Terraplane 8/20/17 hope to have it hitched to my 82 GL1100 in a week or two. Have to fabricate all the mounts. Then learn to drive
I was wondering if I could ask if you could id a fairing if I posted some pics and gave serial number?
I finally got my bike back from the mechanic who did the work for me. Three and half years later!!
GL1100 plain jane, owned from new (1982) now converted to a trike with Honda luggage and a Pantera II fairing.
Oh my..... just dropped $200 bucks on ebay for a pile of cycle sound parts. Guess I am committed to building a stereo for the bike now.