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Ok guys I'm new and posted in the introductions board, but i figure ill make a thread for my project. Its a 1980 cm450t. I payed $500 for it with the intent to make a budget adventure bike to travel around the country. I bought windjammer for $80 its got eveything but needs to be restored unfortunately i forgot to take a pic with it all together and already have it torn apart.

I want to know what is the best way to prep this thing for paint it looks to have been repainted at some point and is all chipped up.

If anybody has a set of turn signals they want to sell me the ones in it are all broken and one is glued into the fairing. I have the radio and radio holder thing that im probably gonna sell.
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Looks like its gonna be a fun project. I have never personally painted a Windjammer. However, I am sure the process is the same as most fiberglass esk painting projects. I am sure some of the fellows on here will have some further advice too. This can get you started.

1. Remove lights, decals, trim, etc
2. Clean thoroughly with wax and grease remover.
3. Wet sand with a soft pad using 320/360 grit sandpaper
4. You can use heavy fill primer mixed in a small cup, and use a small brush to go over chips and scratches or use just use Bondo.
5. Shoot your epoxy sealer. I use Kirker
6. Do not sand sealer, shoot primer coat within 24 hours
7. Use heavy fill urethane primer (if it looks clean enough after sealer, go straight to paint). I use Kirker
8. Wet sand primer with a soft pad using 360/400 grit
9. Paint with acrylic enamel (single stage) or acrylic urethane (can be base coat clear coat). Kirker makes some nice solid colors
10. You can then color sand and buff if you have orange peel, dust etc.

Paint can get expensive, especially PPG. Kirker is a great low cost scenario. Understand this is a simplified breakdown, and things like decal removal can be a royal pain. Decals even after removal can resurface after painting because of toxins from the glue coming back up. There are some other techniques to that can be used as well to help with this.


very informative. I plan to start sanding this weekend as for paint i don't know anything about it but ill give it a shot. I think all the decals have been removed i dont see any on it i believe it has be repainted once.

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My Dad is a professional auto painter. I asked him what he has been using and where he gets his paint supplies.

Here are some info and paint costs provided by Pops.

Sealer: Enduro Prime EPC-611 - $62 gal
Activator: $18 qrt

Heavy fill Primer: Perfect Prime 2K - UPC731 - $59 gal
Activator: UPC-73 - $27 qrt

Black Paint - Ultra Glo - Acrylic Urethane - $52 gal
Activator: $24 qt

Available in quarts also for small jobs.

Auto Body Toolmart carries the Kirker line and they have Free shipping for orders over $99

If more info is needed feel free to ask.


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This should be interesting! :eatdrink I hope to start a similar thread for my WJ 3, but I must first sort out a motor that has metallic flake oil.
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