Windjammer IV and Sidecases For Sale


Help a great cause.

Windjammer IV fairing, Vetter Top Case, Vetter Saddle Bags and Touring Fender, all cane off a 1979 Suzuki GS1000. This is a complete, ready to mount and ride setup with all mounting hardware, turn signals, keys, owners manuals and mounting instructions. The top case and Saddle Bags have vintage 1970's folk art of roadrunner and Wylie Coyote hand-painted on them, see photos. I wouldn’t know how to pack this to ship it. I’m in San Jose, CA for pickup. Asking for a donation for everything. Money will be donated to The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Movember Foundation charity for Men’s Health


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Windjammers are too big to ship via USPS or any of the other carriers. It would need to be on a standard truck forklift pallet and freight truck shipped. What you do is get a standard wood pallet and build a plywood box on it with everything well padded inside. It's going to be expensive. In nearly all instances it will cost more to ship that stuff than it's worth. That was done even in the 70's. Windjammers were truck shipped to dealers and cycle shops 4 or more at a time. That was the only way to make shipping them a reasonable cost. They still show up on Ebay but once people find out the shipping cost they don't bid on them so several have been hanging out on ebay for years unsold, but still at stupid prices. Also that Windjammer will not fit on most modern motorcycles. The forks are usually too wide as are the gas tanks used on modern bikes. I did manage to mount one on my Honda VLX 600, but it was close. There is only 1/8" clearance for the forks inside the fairing and my gas tank only holds 3 gallons of gas. Forks with drum brakes were very narrow back in the 70's compared to most modern single and dual disc brake setup's today. I have a single disc brake on my bike that tiny because it's a small, 600cc motorcycle.
If the motorcycle that stuff was on is still there you would be much better off putting all that stuff back on it and selling it as a complete unit. What usually happens is the bike and touring gear are separated with the bike being sold without that stuff for less than if it was still on the bike and then no one has any use for the old touring gear and it ends up unsold.