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I was sitting here wondering where everyone is from, any VOGS from GA?? I'm from Dallas Georgia, north of Atlanta.

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Learning the Ropes


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I was born and raised in Bellegrove, PA (a little village outside of Lebanon, PA – population: 500). At the age of 17 I joined the Navy and life became an adventure for a while:

I spent 6 months in San Diego, CA; 4 years in Norfolk, VA; 2 months in Jacksonville, FL; 3 years in the Azores, Portugal; 3 years in Brunswick, ME; 4 years in San Diego, CA (again) where I was able to get to some pretty interesting places (Singapore, Hong Kong, Diego Garcia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, oh and everyone sailor’s favorite: the Persian Gulf); and 5 ½ years in Patuxent River, MD. All totaled, I spend 1 year, 2 months, 16 days on a ship and if I could have done it with less than that, I would have!

When I retired from the Navy in 2003 I moved back home to Lebanon, PA. If the winters continue like the past two or three years, I may be moving South!

Kynan C.

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Dang Brian, you did live the adventure! I joined the Navy in 1991. My buddy and I did the early entry program. I went to boot in San Diego in 1992 and was unfortunately discharged for medical a short time later. In the early 90's there were massive cutbacks and they were kicking people left and right for the smallest ailments. I had an anxiety attack while running, they shipped me to the doc, who shipped me to the shrink, whom looked up my medical records and found that I did not disclose my prior "anxiety condition", funny the recruiter said not to mention it.... So, they said pack your bags boy, its time to go home. There I was 18 and dropped off in LA crappsville with my bag of memories.