What year Goldwing mounts do I have see pics


Hi, I wasn't able to do anything with my vetter sidecar this year, due to working all the bugs out of (2) Suzuki GT750's this summer.
When I bought my sidecar it came with a bunch of different Goldwing mounts, but I don't know for what year(s).
I'm thinking about buying a Goldwing , so I need to know what year Goldwing I should buy.
It's easier to use the mounts I already have on a Goldwing, than doing all new mount fabrication to try connecting car to a GT750, plus I don't think a Suzuki GT750 is really the correct bike for a sidecar anyways.
I have the sidecars previous owners address, but not a phone number, so I'd figure try here before I try senting a letter to previous owner.
Update 2020/11/14, I found out from who I bought sidecar from, that it was mounted to a 1980 Goldwing.
But still, I need to know ,from what year ? to what year ? these mounts will fit.


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Well from what I can tell these are not Vetter supplied mounts. That being said 1980 to 83 Wings will be the same but they
should fit the 197x gl1000 also.
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