What do ya'll have in your housings?!

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Just today I discovered that the gallery function is not working on the forum. However, the attachment work in each post. Is that what you are referring to, the Gallery? Have you tried to add them in the post as an attachment? Down below where you type it says Upload a File.

What error are you getting? I want to get it fixed up for you.

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Yep it says that for me too. I have wrote to the author of the plugin. Waiting to hear back. Does it also say that when you click Upload a File in the thread?


Funny, you ask. Being the period correct nerd + hifi audio nerd that I am, I have set out to create the ultimate Cycle Sound unit. One that will sound like a McIntosh/Logan home system, however be located right in the confines of your Windjammer.

I have spent several months designing, building, testing the unit. From the outside the unit, it will look 100% vintage stock (great theft deterrent). On the inside will be an array of modern technology. The twist is, you will still be able to use it as a vintage cassette deck, 8 track or however built, while taking advantage of modern sound technology. Digital power tuned with a DSP. It's all in the chips!

The features include:

Water resistant speakers
Vintage shaft style cassette deck, 8 track, AM radio (pick a year, and or unit)
Full Bluetooth compatibility to steam stereo sound from your phone or MP3 device
Digital amplification
New sound treatment
Tuned for the specifically for the Cycle Sounds unit

I see people that buy these Cycle Sound and Vetter Sound units and cut them up to fit din style systems. Sinners!

Ill keep you posted on my progress. I just ordered a new Bluetooth module with SPDIF and higher data rate.

In the lab doing Bluetooth sound quality testing and comparisons.

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so, i know its been only a short while. Any progress? i just purchased a unmolested box with a kraco am fm cb that i want to fix/use.

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What one are you looking to modify? Are you wanting to run it as a stock unit and just the ability to play MP3? What are your goals with the units? I can give you some pretty good direction if I know where you are heading.