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Hi everyone,

New Vetter (vindicator?) owner here. Not sure what model I have, anyways it didn't come with a headlight or ring for the headlight.

Its going on a 1980 xj650 if I can find the mount, the headlight off the bike plugs in and fits the "bucket" except for the tab for the old adjustment screw, which is about halfway down the domed part of the headlight.

Can anyone tell me what I need to get a proper headlight on this fairing? Not sure what parts I have and what I need, I'll post a picture


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First - Welcome to the forum and the craziness!

Second - Vindicators are a model of of there own, so there is no sub models like the Windjammers.

What is the difference between the Windjammer and Vindicator?
Not much, actually. They came out of the same molds! The Windjammer had Leading Edge Lights, those pretty, built in lights. The Vindicator did not. The Vindicator needed to have the motorcycle's turnsignals mounted on the fairing bracket so, Vindicators came with tabs to remount the turn signals.

With that in mind, I would think that the headlights for a Windjammer would also work on the Vindicator. In that case, Ebay is your friend.

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What you have there is either a WJ 2 or 3.
Wall mounts.JPG

You need an old school headlight ring as in the picture.
This is what a Vindicator fairing looks like:
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Okay, so do most 7" sealed beam headlights fit? The one from my bike has a brass mounting tab riveted to it so it sits cockeyed.