Wanted: Windjammer V Lowers


I recently acquired a Windjammer V for my '76 Goldwing to extend my riding season. I am looking for a set of lowers for it. I understand that the WJ5 has different lowers than the WJ 1-4. If there are any out there gathering dust, please let me know what you would want for them? Shipping would be to 62278.

I would prefer the color black to match my fairing but I can always paint them.



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The lowers were made in two parts per side. Those two parts are put together in different ways to fit many of the bikes made back then. There is nothing on the lowers that detail what they fit. You may find a set of lowers that are made for your Goldwin but you may also find a set made for another bike that will not fit. You might be able to separate the two peaces and make them fit depending on how they were cut for them bike they came from.


Yes, I read that they were all pretty well molded similar but cut to fit different makes and models. For the WJ5, it was the "Type 51". Honestly, as long as they bolt up and protect my shins, I'll cut and trim accordingly if they are off a different make.