WANTED: Windjammer & Hardware (1981 Honda CM400)


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Post a Wanted Add in your local Craigslist and perhaps in other Florida locations you would be willing to travel to. Some AM Radio stations have call in "Trade Line" shows where listeners can buy, sell, and trade stuff and you could call in and ask if anyone has a Windjammer they are willing to dig out of storage and sell. One thing to note is a lot of people associate Vetter Stuff with Honda GL1000 Goldwings. A local guy listed a set of saddlebags for a Honda Goldwing on a call-in Trade Line AM radio show. I called and sure enough they were a set of Vetter Saddlebags that fit most bikes of that era. Stop by a service station and go in and look for Buy, Sell, and Trade fliers. Some are free or cost a buck. Nearly all will let you list something for free that will be printed in the classified part of the flier. Those are usually printed and distributed once a week. I've had great success posting a wanted add in them for all kinds of hard to find items. The only thing about that is some Idiot that has what you want but thinks his stuff is solid gold. When I was looking for a Vetter Trunk I called into an AM Radio Trade Line show asking for one. The only problem when calling into those shows or posting in a flier are people that have what you want but think their stuff is gold. That guy had watched some Cable TV show where two guys searched barns and pulled out overpriced crap. A guy called me up with a full set of Vetter gear. The Windjammer, SaddleBags, Trunk, and mounts for all of it. He would not take a cent less than $1,000. Needless to say he still has it all sitting in his barn.