Vetter Trunk on a Harley Update!


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a lot has happened between the last time i posted here and now. i moved to illinois, sold my 1988 sportster 1200 and bought a 2012 dyna super glide custom.

i bought the quick detatch sissy bar plates and the trunk mount brackets from elite touring innovations and mounted the trunk to the ETI bracket. [had to drill holes in the ETI bracket to get 4 bolts in it.

i removed the 2 original vetter trunk lights and their original housings. they can be for sale if you want them, package deal with two vetter fairing front signal assemblies that i thought would fit in my trunk. via paypal goods and services. plenty of original wire length left on them. some cracks in the original but totally solid to be mounted.

i have mounted clones of the harley davidson electra glide classic blinker lenses to the holes to clean it up. direct fit no extra drilling or carving needed. just mounted with bolts and nuts i got at the local gettin spot. i will eventually mount the harley 1157 electra glide blinker assemblies to the holes which will not require modification to the trunk. it will simply bolt through the existing holes. the trunk will essentially sandwich between the lens and the light assembly.

i will use the above linked harness as a basis to work with to make a 1 plug harness that powers the lights in the trunk. i will ad a third 12v hot that will make the 1157 housings work as both running lights and each side will be extra blinkers for my bike [ two on the left and two on the right]

the harness plugs between the wires that run to my tail light and rear blinkers [all in one unit / blinkers inside of tail light. see photo below] this is normally where guys plug in their brake light strobe units.

now for the payoff, the pics! i personally love it. its not a look that everyone is going to like it but its my bike, i love it so it doesnt matter.




in closing. i took the trunk out on its maiden voyage. 50 mile round trip. did my weekly run around and grocery shopping. and the trunk performed flawlessly. i may add on some weather stripping to the trunk lid as it likes to make a noise on engine decel in the lower revs.

kjell lindberg

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Aahh! Another Dyna with a Vetter luggage box, (trunk).

My trunk had to be sourced second hand from England and was first installed by me on my '09 Heritage, and now crowns my '98 Wide Glide.

A lot of people have point of views about installing a trunk on a Dyna and on the look of the trunk.

Me personally I like the thought of having a classic Craig Vetter trunk on a classic American machine.

I feel it's an extra bonus having additional rear lights, brakelights and indicators installed in a high position.


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I would honestly tie the inner lights to brake. When my CB only had the main taillight serving as brake, people weren't paying as much attention as they should be. With the inner trunk lights serving double duty (tail AND brake), people are suddenly more interested in the eye level brake light in front of them.