Vetter top-loader saddle bag 1157 socket replacement/repair


Hey Vetter folks,

Last year I bought a 1981 GS850 with a sidecar and I spent the winter getting it to run. Now that I'm there I can focus on the other stuff. I'm not sure if I'll keep the top-case on there, but I'll definitely keep the saddle-bags.

The signal lamps in the sidecases don't light. The socket housing only has one pole attached, with the ground just taped to the socket housing - I think it must have broken free of it's original ground pole. Like this picture:

I only have two wires going in here, so I guess these are just signals and not running lights at all. Also the socket itself is rusted and corroded, I can clean that up though.

Any recommendations? I'd love to put an LED 1157 system in here but with the current state of the socket maybe there's a better way. Maybe I can get a whole new socket attached somehow.


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I didn't know Vetter made top loading bags. This is the only bag I know of and it did not have lights.


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Can you post pictures of your bags? I to have only ever seen the side load case as pictured above.


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Welcome to the forum! No matter what the bags, the sockets can be replaced/repaired. Auto-parts stores carry these:


You can clean up what you have and then solder a new ground to the socket rather tape it and now you have turn and running lights.