V65 complete


Learning the Ropes
Country flag
Project progress.
Bodywork - cut down and widened cockpit, repaired stress cracks in fender.
Paint - repaint modified areas, touched up original graphics, 2K clear coat upper body.
- bed liner spray exterior of lower body after repair of holes and gouges.
Wiring - clearance, driving, and turn signals added and wired with relay as needed.
Fuel - I decided against an internal tank for safety reasons. Also I seldom need the added range. Therefore a Jerry can mount was installed. I will add a vent and dip tube to allow switching to it as an auxiliary on the fly.

pre paint.jpg
raw FG.jpg
Rear lights.jpg


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Learning the Ropes
Country flag
With long legs, it's easy from the side. Otherwise, climb over the bike using the passenger pegs. My autistic son is 6' 3" and does both....