Trouble with Text Boxes in Profile page and getting on the web site.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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I am having trouble adding to my profile page, mostly in the About Me box. Whenever I add text to one of the text boxes and then try to save, it seems to lock up. Then for some reason I can't get back on to the site at all, using my computer. But when I get on the site with my cell phone, I can get on it then. But after that, I try to get back on with the computer, I still can't get on. So I went back to my cell phone and got back on and undid the changes I made in the text boxes, and clicked save changes. After that, I could get back on the site with the computer. Every time I try to add text in one of the boxes I get locked out. Once I add something and click on save changes, it seems to get stuck. The little flashing icons that indicates loading or saving seems to get stuck flashing and doesn't stop. Then once I leave the site and try to get back on, I can't. Until I get back on with my cell phone and undo it. Are you aware of anyone else having this problem or could it all be somehow in my computer. I have no problem like this on any other site I use, so I don't believe that it is with my computer.
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Larry Fine

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No, I typed the word 'test' in the about me box, and it saved instantly.

Have you tried making changes from the phone, and then seeing where access is still an issue?

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No, I haven't tried that yet. But I have thought about it. I will try it later, and let you know if it worked or not. If it works, then I am wondering what is going on. Is it with this computer?

Kynan C.

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Interesting, I know these new version use Java lots. Have you updated your Java client? Other things to consider is your Browser version. Maybe try Firefiox or Chrome if you are using Internet Explorer.

Java is here. (its a free download)

Let me know if you still have issues.

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