Terraplane Serial Numbers Spreadsheet


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Evening, TP rigs

Has anyone categorized the current and known Vetter cars? With under 1,000 TPs built how hard could this be. He said looking down a rabbit hole.

I thought I would first search web for pics and paste into spreadsheet with notes on where pic is from and other info I can glean. Lots of numbers are mentioned on this forum and others. So I can plug those in as I read through.

Any suggestions? Am looking at photo apps for storage, but will start with Excel.

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This is my second one. 4 years old to me on 10 year old ‘83 Interstate. Took a few years off bikes to raise a daughter. Had new from dealer unit on ‘82 Asp back a few lifetimes ago.


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I have two 07-100-699 07-100-726 can someone tell me the years they were made? Thanks for your help