Template for Windjammer Lowers

Erling Weiseth

My print came out showing the template only 12.5" long? So I scaled the photo up by 6%... 12,5 X 1,06 is 13,25... Printed it, and now I have a template without the rear end...
Still got the front end, the profile and all 3 holes, so guess I'm good to go! :)

Nope! Definately not correct... What am I doing wrong?
Maybe I need to know what settings I must use on my laptop screen and printer...?

On a A4 paper, the printed template - oriented like this, will end up outside the paper... Are You sure about the 13,25 inches?
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Kynan C.

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Erling, take a look here. I scaled the print, and put guide lines on it. The size seems to be accurate. I will try to print it at the office tomorrow. It sounds like your computer is doing something odd with the JPG. I may need to convert it to PDF. From the below you can almost hand make one. The measurements look to be real close. Do you have a lower you can match the measurements with? Click the image to make it bigger.

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