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So I'm >this< close to finally having my Terraplane mounted to me Speedmaster (only took a year!), but I've discovered that my shock is an old S&W air shock, and not only was it rusted solid, it won't hold air now that I've broken it loose. I followed Windbüchse's lead and bought the Monroe MA785 shock to replace it, but didn't realize until it was too late that MY Terraplane has the bushing made into the swingarm, and uses a shock with a Y shaped clevis style end. Weird. Does that mean mine is older or newer?

Regardless, I am having a heckuva time finding anything to replace it. I can find a few Chinese motorcycle shocks with a clevis end, but based on Windbuchse's experience they don't support the weight (probably because they're designed for 2 to be used on a bike, not just one).

Anyone have any other recommendations? My only thought is to cut the ends off with a grinder and weld the old clevis onto the new shock. It doesn't look like either one is designed to screw off. Or maybe cut the bushing off my swingarm and weld a clevis receiver for the standard shock end..?
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