Searching for my dad's old Kawasaki Z1B with Vetter Windjammer.


Hello everyone, I am grateful to be a part of this group. Thank you to the administrator(s) for having me.

I'm trying to find my dad's old 1975 Kawasaki Z1B he had after he graduated HS. His parents bought it for him to take on his senior trip to Colorado under conditions that he would have to sell it when he got back. To my surprise, he actually came back (I wouldn't have). But he said he had just met my mom and you know how that goes.

I have the information from an old service card my dad found and keeps in his wallet. Bike was bought new in 1975.

He and 5 others made the trip. There were 3 Moto Guzzi's, 2 identical Kawasaki Z1B's bought at the same time (both with Vetters from my understanding) and 1 Suzuki water buffalo.

I would absolutely love to find it, purchase and restore it. Ultimately would love to find it and the other that was identical and take some trips with my dad before he gets in bad health.

If anyone knows anything that could help me find it, please reach out to me. It would mean so much to call him up, tell him to hook up the trailer, and let's go get your bike back!

Thanks in advance,

Luke Waldrop


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kjell lindberg

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47 years ago, but specific bikes (and cars) do sometimes pop up against all odds.

I would check with KZ forums since there is a better luck that some Kawa lover have just that specific bike compared to a Vetter lover.

Good luck with your search.