Re-assembling Quicksilver fairing for 83 CB650SC


I'm missing some of the hardware, and the instructions seem to have left out exactly how to mount the headlight. Could anybody help fill in the blank for me? Having trouble getting the bolts from the fairing to the headlight bracket in securely.

Got a couple less important questions as well. Does anybody have a recommendation for a replacement bag to hold all the electrical connections? And is there a kit to restore the ridged plastic trim around the edge of the fairing? Bike looks like it got dropped and there's a chunk of trim missing from the fairing.



Figured out the headlight! Would still appreciate suggestions for a replacement bag to protect electrical connections, and a way to restore the trim around the edge (see attached photo).



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A replacement bag could be any thing that you want. A small bicycle handlebar bag comes to mind. It isn't water proof, but unless you are riding in a monsoon, it doesn't need to be and it would fit behind the fairing.

I recently bought some of this on ebay...


I just checked and I don't see it listed anymore, but I still have a roll left which is enough to do one complete fairing. If you are interested, I'd sell it for $25.