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Recently, I picked up a 1980 CX500 Custom that from 10 feet, looked like new. From 3 feet, you could see that pretty much everything on the exterior of the bike needed replaced. I believe many, many new riders have learned to ride on this old bike lol.

I've started the restoration and am taking advantage of the still warm weather to get most of the cosmetics done and will take care of the mechanical and internal restoration this Winter. The bike came with a Quicksilver fairing and it's the first fairing bike I've ever owned or ridden. It didn't take me long to fall in love with it :)

Mine had a lot of issues though. There were many cracks, one turn signal was busted, the trim work was scuffed in half in two places, the windshield had extra mounting holes drilled into it and even the aftermarket clock had the wires cut in two places.

I did quite a bit of research, including many posts on this forum and decided to tear into it. I got lucky and found a "donor" fairing that had been in a wreck, but the trim pieces were still good. I got a replacement windshield off Ebay. Using information from this forum, I repaired all the cracks with ABS glue and used Bondo Bumper Repair to smooth over the cracks. I then repainted both the interior and exterior. I also replaced the turn signals with an Ebay find!

I'm thrilled with it now! Before, it had some minor shaking at highway speeds. Even at idle, the old "twisted twin" would shake the crap out it lol. Now, she rides without any shake or vibration. I cleaned up the wiring, repaired all the extra windshield holes, etc. Oh, and I had to add some striping to match what the bike will be when I get to that part :) Oh, and I got the clock working too!

Just wanted to say thank you all for providing a forum like this and for the information I read before before taking on the project!

Good luck and be safe!



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Oh, I forgot to add...the donor faring came off of an early 1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim. I got the Quicksilver mount with it that is in good shape. I don't need it and if anyone here can use it, its yours for the cost of shipping.


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That is really cool to hear! Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for posting the pics of your project. It is nice to see that people are getting good information off the forum, that means it working the way its supposed to!

Your Honda looks great, its great to see another gem on the road. Ride safe and always think ahead.

Here is your next project! Then you can "get rid of the ugly".


Interesting project and thank you for the link! Awhile back, when I was researching the bike in general, I ran across a YouTube video where a guy had remoted his opener, but it didn't go into detail. Now I know how he did it :)

I will be doing this! I am afraid of how mine flops around that it will eventually wear into the plastic or mess up the covers. This will take care of than concern, plus "get rid of the ugly" :)


Hey Brian, thank you!

I'm going to do the remote conversion this week-end, but I'm going to use a handlebar mounted button installed near the lift switch housing. Right now, my remote is hanging on the right side of the fairing and I have to let go of the throttle to activate it. By mounting it on the left, I can hit it with my thumb and roll right on into the garage without ever stopping :)

I found a really nice Windjammer with the correct brackets for my bike. Even though I just finished this Quicksilver and have a spare windshield for it, I'm going to go ahead and pick up the Windjammer. It's a "bucket list" sort of thing. When I was growing up, I always wanted a Windjammer on my bike, but just couldn't afford it. When I got to the point I could, they weren't available any longer. With this purchase (and with keeping the crashed fairing), I will now own 3 Vetter fairings lol.


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Be very careful with keeping extra Vetter fairing... I have been keeping a few in the attic of my garage and they seem to be multiplying! :D


Nice job on that fairing, my first was a Quicksilver, loved it! Any "how to " threads on restoring the Vetter fairings ? I am having a bit of trouble with searching index.