Quicksilver on a '77 KZ650 C1


I bought a used Quicksilver fairing in early Spring last year and just decided to install it on a bike for the coming season.

I have a 1977 Kawasaki KZ650 C1 that a built a luggage rack for and thought that would be a good candidate for this little fairing. The bike is currently in pieces but I have a picture of another bike with the luggage rack installed.

This is the fairing with the a NOS bracket I bought, I took the pin striping off - The fairing I bought did not come with turn signals so I am making some adaptor plugs to mount some KZ1000 type aftermarket rectangular units.



I wanted to show a few details of the luggage rack I built. I designed the rack on some CAD software and had the side plates water jet cut out of some 3/8" thick 6061. The cross bars are some solid 6061 bar stock and all the fasteners are stainless metric.

I have it pulled off the bike to make some bag supports on the sides.

When I put some soft pannier bags on there they obstructed the stock turn signals so the new bike will have the signals mounted lower on the license plate bracket.

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That is such a neat, simple and very effective rack design, that impresses me so much I'm going to shamelessly copy it when I need one.
Thanks :)

Kynan C.

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Very well done on the rack! It looks as if you may need to start manufacturing custom racks. You don't see many for the vintage cruisers, more so for adventure bikes.

Again, great job!


Thanks All.

I started the rack design because when I needed one I could not find a decent one for sale. The design started as a card stock cutout I sketched, I punched some mounting holes and took some pictures, I trimmed the card stock till I had something that I liked then I transferred that to the CAD software. The hardest part was adjusting everything to clear the seat when it opens.

Most water of lazer jet cutting is done with 2D profiles so all they need is a drawing format file, so you can do it on any low end or free CAD.

I designed the top to accept a soft trunk bag I have, and it will hold a 24 case of beer.


My self imposed deadline is Fathers Day weekend (June), there is a annual swap meet/bike show I usually attend so looking forward to riding to that. I find it easier to complete theses types of projects if I set a definitive date, if not they seem to stretch way out of control.

I have a friend in the motorcycle high performance industry and he says that 95% of the project bikes he has seen or heard of never get finished by the people who start them.


Two points.

"Statistics: How to lie with numbers."

Project bikes are NEVER finished. Even after they are on the road for years, there is always things you want/need to change/fix.


Been working a bit on this bike lately... The timeline shifted to have it assembled by this coming Spring.

Fabricated a bracket to hang off the shield mount bolts to hold a tiny clock.


Also fabricated a clamp on horn mount bracket so I could run dual horns on my fairing mount bracket. Hoping to have the fairing and body pieces painted before the weather turns sour.




So this project did not get built this year but I have been steadily painting body parts and have a new bike to build, this build is the same year and model with a stock engine. Body work is painted a 19070's GM light metallic blue.

I managed to get the fairing painted...



I acquired some old Shoei hard bags, they need work and paint to match the rest of the body work.


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The bike is being assembled this winter, the only thing not painted is those bags and my tank. A friend has a indoor spray booth so I should be able to get both done in the next few months.

I am now working on getting my fairing back together once that paint hardens a bit. Then I want to make some locking hard lid covers as the soft covers only snap on. Going to make a cardboard template and fabricate out of 1/8" black ABS sheet.


Going to fabricate some locking hard covers for my fairing storage openings since the stock units are not very secure at all.

I am going to use black 3/16" ABS sheet, I may even be able to get a stipple that is close the the fairing inner.


Just made a quick and nasty template out of paper to get the overall shape and sizing so I can get the ABS material cut. I need 2 pieces 7" x 12-1/2". I am going to make them flat and they need to hide the stock snaps.
I don't want to remove the snaps as then there are holes to plug.
On the underside I am going to use some 1/4" self adhesive foam rubber to keep the water out. There will be a simple L bracket on one end and a cylinder lock on the other end similar to what they have on the Windjammer fairings.



Got some 3/16" black textured ABS sheet today, off cut of 14" x 32" cost me $10. I think there is enough plastic there to do 2 sets.

Also got some cylinder lock sets for $6 each at the local hardware store.


Just need to do some mockup's out of cardboard to get the L brackets and lock sets in the right location before I cut anything.


Just a quick update on this project, have the bike built and the fairing installed. Just working on some details like mounting turn signals and wiring up some accessories.


It is a 77 B1 frame with C1 wheels and brakes, 78 motor with a 82 exhaust. The hard bags are period correct Shoei and I welded a DIY rack to hold a top bag on the Shoei frame. I updated the stock headlight to a LED housed in a H4 type shell. I mounted dual horns and have a set of DIY LED driving lights that mount under the fairing (not done yet) I am running 2009 Harley Road King air shocks out back but currently the air is not hooked up, The swing arm is off a KZ1000 police bike.

first ride June 11.JPG

Hoping to have it fully finished in a few weeks.