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Kynan C.

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Its getting pretty cold here up in the mountains. Those lowers make all the difference in frosty weather! The whole experience of fair and lowers make cold weather riding fun.

Never used Hippo Hands they look comfy.


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My modern Honda Cruiser has foot forward controls so none of those vintage lowers will work with my Windjammer setup. I ride year round so lowers are a must. I designed and made my own. I fabricated a crash bar which I wanted anyway and made lowers from (free) coroplast road signs for it. Those signs are illegal here in Alabama but they still sprout like weeds by the side of the road all year long. They do a great job in the winter and protect me from road debris as well. They do suffer damage and need to be replaced once they start looking ratty. I just grab a couple from the side of the road, cut them to size using my pattern, rattle-can them with black paint, and tie strap them to my crash bar.
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