Picking up some parts this Friday

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Just found a Craigslist add for a box of Windjammer windshields. I called and $30 for a dozen or so windshields, some snap vents, pocket covers, keys, and more. He's also got a Quicksilver with a few different mounts also for $30.
He said something about introducing me to a buddy of his who owns some type of junkyard in the area, apparently its the motherload of used Windjammers and parts, I'll believe it when I see it, I thought I knew all of the decent junkyards with bike parts around here.

I've just spent a fruitless half hour searching for headlight size for a quicksilver, does anyone know?
I wonder if anyone has ever tried to put in a round headlight?
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Here's the tally, so far I've identified:

20 windshields

some in near new condition
Many have snap vent holes.
Looks like Pacifico Shadow Royale
Yamaha part number ACC-11140-00-06. Should properly fit the earliest (1981 I think) Yamaha XS 1100 Venture models with factory fairing, as well as Pacifico Classic frame mounted fairings of the era. Should be equivalent to Slipstreamer S-180 (tall, with pop vents included).

Quicksilver Night stalker




Gold striping and trim are in
good to very good condition.
Soft pocket covers very good shape
Manual, warranty card and
New Directionals found inside
No windshield, bottom of fairing looks like it was never mounted.

25pcs. 3-1/4" snap vents

(removed from Pacifico shields)
in good shape some have scratches
but no yellowing. Most have wire handles.

SHOEI Handlebar fairing

with no windshield will need to measure for identification.
FM-2 is 28 1/4" wide & 22 1/6" high FM-3 is 25" wide & 21" high.

2 shields in fair shape some scratches with 4 slots at bottom, one has tinted side extensions. GL1100 or GL1200 maybe?

And 5 smaller shields I have yet to identify.
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Yesterday I picked up a white WJ3 from a man who got it in an estate sale. Its in remarkably good condition, still has its cigarette lighter, pocket covers haven't shrunk, it has white nylon windshield screws and nuts (no clips) the windshield is even in nice shape.
The story was that it was on a garage queen only for a year or two then was stored with a sheet over it in a dry attic until last fall.
It came with a mount I couldn't identify, this mount was in 2 pieces, no cross bars, but is built with the same hairpin bend round bar and frame saddles as all other early mounts did.
I'll get some photos up when I can, this one will go on an upcoming CB250 Nighthawk project with a CB400T front end, 19" spoked front wheel and 7" TLS drum.

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My "new" wj3:


No windshield clips yet but I'll get some. Is it ok to use a shield that has screw holes with clips? This old shield is still in great shape, no issues that won't clean up and the pop-vents are in great shape with no sign of yellowing.

And this was an accidental find, a sight I've not seen since I was a kid in the 70s and I totally forgot this detail:


Those early stripes glow white with headlights or in this case a camera flash.

These are the brackets that came with it, does anyone have any idea what they fit?


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Today I received a return phone call from a gent on Craigslist selling a nice white Vindicator. He says he'll have a look for the two mounts that he may still have, one KZ900 and one single downtube. $55 whenever I'm in the neighborhood.

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I picked up this Vindicator serial number 31-300851 today, it has a few scratches and needs a good cleaning but otherwise it's in great shape. Even the windshield is in fairly good shape and has clips in place, the pop vents are clear not yellowed and still have their wire handles.
He included the single downtube mount he'd told me about, key (only labeled Chet Y11) lock #GB344, wiring pigtail, a few misc small brackets that don't look like the turn signal brackets, and the complete set of used mounting hardware.
He also threw in a backrest and bag and told me the story of how he'd used this setup on a 75 CB750K that he rode cross country twice.


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Just for giggles I looked up the serial number on Mr. Vetter's site and it appears 31-300849 was the lowest serial number made in the first year 1978.

I have 31-300851

Is this really the third Vindicator fairing ever sold?


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Thanks Stumpy, and Happy 49th, I just hit mine on Feb2. What part of NH are you in? I'm just south of the border on 495.

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When it rains it pours!
A few weeks ago i sold a nice set of fork ears to a member on another forum and didn't think to ask (oh hindsight) why he needed them.
His low mile 78 CB400T project arrived with a cracked Quicksilver. I've enquired about the frame mount and windshield, both are pristine and he'll get shipping estimates this Monday.

In theory my plan is to mount the Quicksilver Nightstalker (photos in this thread above) to a 92 CB250 Nighthawk, bolt on the air assist forks from an 81 CM400C with single disc and dual piston caliper.
And fit a set of tubeless Comstars from said CM400C.

Could be fun.

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And..... today i picked up a really nice set of Hippo-Hands from the original owner, last used on an 81 Beemer.
I'm about to search the forums here for more info on mounting them.

This sure is addictive isn't it?

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The addiction continues, I've located a Quicksilver mount for a CM400 from a member on another forum, I'll either buy it or trade parts for it. Too bad shipping costs have risen.

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I've just received shipping confirmation on the Quicksilver mount and pocket covers from a Honda CM400 in Canada from a member over on the Hondatwins.com forums.

I've been making good progress on my trio of CB250 Nighthawks since being furloughed from work at the end of March. Wish me luck!