Need help on restoration of a fairing trunk and bags.


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Hey guys, im working on the vetter vindicator 2 fairing and trying to restore it to an extent. I need some help on a couple of things. First the inner fairing has a couple of cracks. Im wondering what adhesive I can use to repair the cracks that will actually stick. Second I need to replace the chrome weather stripping. How do I remove it? (I am already in contact with Carol for replacement. Third, the cigarette lighter port is deteriorated badly and needs replaced. I’m having issues getting my hands in there to remove it. I’m guessing that there has to be some sort of trick to remove it. What’s the secret there? Fourth and finally, my fairing has a security system in it. Is that worth anything? I have no idea of it’s condition. But I’m wondering if I should try and sell it for a few bucks or if I should just chuck it in the bin. Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m also going to paint the trim panels and lids on the trunk and bags. What’s the best way to remove the vetter symbols and the trim panels from the trunk without damaging them? Again, thanks in advance for any help.


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I haven't worked on a Vindicator, but I have had many Windjammers. Those cracks are a pain, and difficult to repair durably. Depending on where on fairing and how much the spot shows, I have had some success with plastic epoxies. Craig also sells a "Hotcha Repair Kit" which works okay. I've also done okay with different kinds of plastic welding.

The chrome edging is just glued on. Start at the bottom edge where it doesn't show, gently chisel out the glue until you can pull the edging out. Then grab an end with a pair of pliers and pull firmly, but carefully. It should come off pretty easily.

I don't think the alarm has much value. I have seen them come up on eBay and they don't seem to sell. I am quite the Vetter collector. I have lot's of Vetter stuff, even some of the more obscure stuff, and it is still practical 40+ years later. I wouldn't be interested in the alarm because it is not practical any longer because there are much better solutions out there.

There were two kinds of badges. Some have pins that go through holes with metal push clips, those you just have to pry off the clips. The others are stuck on with adhesive. Those I get off with dental floss.

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I've had very good success with this ABS glue and fiberglass mesh (drywall style). Repair patch on inside of fairing. Had the original crack visible from outside with many years of riding after the repair and no further cracking.

The lighter has a screw-on cap nut on the inside. Ground wire is off the cap and hot wire is on plug portion that goes in from the outside.