My Windjammers through the years and bikes!

Dan Currie

My 1975 CB750F with my first Windjammer II in Nurnberg, Germany.

\'75 CB750F w:a WJII.jpg

This was my 1978 KZ1000A that I rebuilt and had the bike, helmets and new Windjammer II custom painted. I "retired" from riding in 1984 and sold this jewel.

\'78 KZ1000.jpg

This was my "coming out of retirement" bike that I purchased in April of 2010. It is a 1982 CB900C with just over 33,000 miles and I am the seventh owner. This is how it appeared when I picked it up!

Beauty 3a.jpg

I removed the trunk, Vetter bags, and installed the highway crash bar. Bags and trunk have been sold. I still have the Windjammer V and Lowers and they are for sale.

Beauty 3a1.JPG

This is the current incarnation of the CB900C as my BEAUTY. I had it custom painted in the CB750 Gold from the 1970's, installed a small sissy bar and dyno bars, had the front discs drilled, and replaced the WJV with a Windjammer SS.


Kynan C.

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Dan, wow, these are some great images. My wife and I really enjoyed seeing the images of the history of the Vetter fairing in your time. It's so cool to see people sharing memories. As time passes this forum will be crawled by the "infamous search engines" and everything we show and say will become a piece of history. A piece of history documenting what we love. Thank you.

Dan Currie

More pictures of my Windjammers through the Years!


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Kynan C.

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Dan, thanks for sharing more photos from yesterday and today. Seeing those vintage pics is warming that is for sure. I really to like the bikes of today, however they can not complete with the beauty and styling of yesterday. I guess that's why are these bike manufactures are putting out "retro" bikes.

Keep those pics flowing!

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