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My buddy who lives in LA an actor,said ok to a low budget film and now regrets it.It was supposed to be in Barstow but now moved it to Ludlow.Here's a little composite of some of his work...


Vetter Master
Guess who is playing Bakersfield in May..The Wolf.He can't sing the sets like he used but at 71..
Bakersfield Rockin Country Music Festival

Address: Pioneer Park
4929 Pioneer Dr
Bakersfield, CA

Kynan C.

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Holy dog doo! Pioneer Park? Are you serious? Pioneer Park is east Bakersfield...... and east Bakersfield is... not so good. Pioneer Park is two blocks from where I lived when I was 18. It is not a good area at all now. Run down, lots of gangs, etc. With all the really nice parks in Bakersfield, even ones with stages, why the heck would they choose that park??? Odd.


Vetter Master
Supposed to be multiple acts on three stages.I don't have any more info right now.He plays up to 12 concerts a year for a charity he and wife believe in.He sold the rights to the songs.



I would like to see one more show even tho they are shorted now.Couple old 35mm's I took.
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