Lovely day for a ride!


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What a great day to go cruising! And I must say, despite being dirty and a blown fork seal, my Maxim is looking pretty good!


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Turned out to be a nice day here after some hard rain this morning.Still haven't ridden my bike in a few years but I am going out right now to start it and check tire pressures and see if I can shift.


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I got out!!! tire pressures were low,have air compressor and got them up.Well I only ran on three cyls but got gas and a short ride for 21/2 miles.Riding skills are better than a noobie,but I have to lift my whole leg to up shift and some down shifting.Figure out which cyl is not firing and I should be fine after a few miles.
Have an XS run in NC I wanna go's only about 350 miles from here,if bike is ready and I have practiced enough to get on the road again I am going.This is a big ta do for us XS riders.


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Aren't they all a good day for a ride? I went for a ride to the local Cabela's to get some reloading supplies and got caught in a monsoon. It was still a good ride. Beekman, your Maxim is looking good!

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