I Finally Did It!

Kynan C.

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So, I have had a set of really nice Vetter luggage and no mounting hardware for my XS11 Special. However, I did have mounting hardware for a XS11 Standard. I fought with the idea of cutting them, being the NOS Vetter purist I am. Today, sick of not finding some for my Special I decided to do surgery (I will post full steps in tech when done). Here are some teaser pics of me dry fitting. Tomorrow I weld.

1979_XS1100_Special_Fitting-Vetter-Luggage-01.jpg 1979_XS1100_Special_Fitting-Vetter-Luggage-02.jpg 1979_XS1100_Special_Fitting-Vetter-Luggage-03.jpg 1979_XS1100_Special_Fitting-Vetter-Luggage-04.jpg


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Very nice! I had to do the same thing and also struggled with whether I should cut or not. That was a long time ago and I am very glad I did. You will really like them.

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