**********************Free Vetter Windjammer Front Fairing with K&G Saddlebags**********************

Jaime Lopez

Just purchased a 1982 cb750 with a complete windjammer front fairing and luggage kit. I am going to turn this bike into a Cafe, and have no use for it. Would rather have someone take it off my hands for free than throwing it away. I am located in Washington D.C. Please email me at jnlopez7@gmail.com if interested. I do not come on this forum very much.



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Nice set and not easily found as good as these PLEASE do not throw them away. If no one from this forum wants them I can surely find someone on our Goldwing forums that do.

Congrats on the new bike too!


Jaime Lopez

This bike was a barn find, and the kit is unmolested and in great shape for its age. comes with wiring too and mounting brackets!


Someones gonna get a heck of a deal here... will sit back and wait to see who from this forum may want them but I can assure you this will be a huge favor to someone. Goldwingers will eat those up! lol


Learning the Ropes
Will you deliver to the Canadian border? ;)

Cant stand the thought of this set going in the trash!

Kynan C.

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I mentioned my key numbers in the calling-all-keys sticky thread. I wonder if I should move this recent stuff to a new thread of its own?
I was thinking the same thing. It kinda took on a life of its own. Where should we stop it, what should be call it, and where do you want it moved?

Larry Fine

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Where should we stop it, what should be call it, and where do you want it moved?
I think the "Non-Vetter Bikes, Fairings, & Projects" forum would be appropriate,, but not for this entire thread. Can just the KG-specific posts be relocated?