Can upload pics to forum but not to album

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So, adding pics to a forum post works great (I think the system even auto-resizes the pics), but when I follow the same procedures for posting to an album it is a no-go and I get the image is too big notice. I am taking pics and posting using an iPad mini. Is the only way around to resize pics or is there some setting somewhere that I can click?

Oh, and how do I edit the title of this thread (pus=pics, darn auto correct)?



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I have always wondered the same thing. Every picture I have uploaded, I have resized to a medium size prior to uploading and it worked fine.

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Hmm, looking at the gallery settings there is a 3MB maximum upload limit. Also the photo can be no larger then 1280X1024. That is a pretty large photo. Perhaps we should increase the resolution limit? I am looking further into this.