All Kleer Motorcycle Windshield Cleaner


Learning the Ropes
It's good on your fairing windshield and helmet faceshield at repelling water and anti fogging inside faceshield. But be your own judge and get a FREE sample at their website.


I will try it, I have always used the meguiars plastic cleaners and polish. Time for a new windshield and a new product. Thanks Michael for your service, and for the tip!


OK, Michael, ordered and awaiting the free sample! Do they give you all the info on what it does and doesnt work on? I started using big mule hand wipes for cleaning up after car hauling (what i do) after someones recommendation, it has made a huge difference keeping clean, hopefully the same result with the kleener. I will update as soon as I try it.
I want to do the flasher recommendation next. Have you tried changing dash lights to LED? I have 2 burnt out and am looking into that.

Kynan C.

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I think I am going to order some too. The resurrection of this thread was a good reminder of things of the past I meant to do!


Learning the Ropes
I'll give a shot as well.
I have been using Lemon Pledge for years. I have yet to compare them; Pledge does the same as mentioned, is inexpensive and works for me on all painted, plastic and chrome surfaces. Is available in rattle cans (without the rattle), pump squirt and wipes. Softens and removes bugs easily. Great for touch-up after a hard days ride. As with all wipe down cleaning, dust off grit first will ensure better results.
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