adjustable windshield height ?


I am a new user of a Vetter IV fairing on a 1980 GS850L Suzuki. I got the faring used and it had a very tall windshield on it. The top was above the top of my head. I had trouble seeing through it on dark and rainy nights. I cut it down but too much ... oops !

Has anyone ever come up with an adjustable piece at the top, that could be raised or lowered as needed ? Leave it up high for warmth when dry weather on the highway. Lower it for wet driving or under fogging conditions to see better.


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Welcome to the forum! I know what you mean about rainy nights - can be overwhelming with all the reflections! I have mine cut so that in my normal riding position during the day I am looking through the top few inches and then in the rain and at night I just straighten up a bit and look above it. It is a very precise height cut to cover both needs. Sorry no suggestion as to adjustable part. Mike

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You could either buy, or make, a deflector like this one...

I might be in the same position, as the screen I have has been cut down by a PO, and might be an inch or two too short for me. I won't know for sure until I give it a good run around in various conditions.
I've seen some very pricey versions of the Laminar Lip, and there's no way I would pay the stupid prices being charged for them, but there's a DIY option, which many have taken.

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