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    Changing indicator bulb

    Happy to be of help. No, what I'll be doing is feeding both filaments of the 21/5W bulbs with the indicator feed, which will give a slightly brighter indicator blink and perhaps be more useful that way. For sidelights, I'll take a feed from the sidelight wire in the bike's wiring loom and feed a...
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    Hello from Warwickshire, England

    Another Vetter lives! They are returning, slowly but surely. The DIY Laminar Lip is excellent, been meaning to do similar with mine, as the PO was a bit short in the arris.
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    One Piece Molded Cycle Sound or Clone

    Internationally 1984, according to this, However, I'm sure they were gradually appearing on the European market before that, with Blaupunkt being one of the first to be available in DIN, as a dealer fitment / upgrade, usually on Mercs and Jags. Oh, the fun...
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    A New Terraplane Owner from Arizona

    Oh, nice. Normally, I regard sidecars as the work of the devil, but I'd make an exception for a Terraplane. Just as well they never made them for my side of the road, else I'd start looking for one.