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  1. Seth Matthews

    Needing left saddle door

    Last spring I thought I had my left saddle locked in right, I didn't and it came off at 75 mph. it slid down the road on its door, and now i need another door, anyone have some just laying around?
  2. Seth Matthews

    Ever trailer a vetter sideways across trailer?

    Looking to maybe someday build a teardrop toy hauler, but I don't know about hauling the bike sideways like this, sure I could strap it down fine, but how well would the fairing and windscreen hold up to the crosswind?
  3. Seth Matthews

    Meguiar's heavy duty headlight restoration kit, for windshield.

    I bought this kit yesterday, spent a few hours in the garage sanding, buffing, and polishing. the windshield doesn't quite look "NEW" but dang close. maybe a few months old anyway lol I highly recommend this kit. I just wish I had taken a before and after of it. before it was pretty...
  4. Seth Matthews


    I'm curious, where are you guys finding your windshields.. I'm about due for a new one, Riding at night is hard when the glare takes over the entire windshield. I've tried buffing it out, no luck.
  5. Seth Matthews

    wanting opinions on fabricating a trailer and hitch

    I have a 1980 Suzuki GS100G I have a windjammer, side bags, and the vetter trunk, keeping it simple as possible. would a single wheeled trailer be better, or are 2 wheels better. any opinions would be appreciated.
  6. Seth Matthews

    overspray all over my bike, please help.

    Like an idiot, I forgot to cover my bike before spray painting some lawn furnature. Now, I have teal specs all over my bike. I managed to get them off the painted pieces with a clay bar, but how the heck do I safely get them off the vinyl and plastic?
  7. Seth Matthews

    Liberator sound?

    Did the liberator fairings not have sound enclosures? In looking at pics online and don't see any with stereos.
  8. Seth Matthews

    My GS100G at our local Dam.

    Taken today, the river is up a bit.
  9. Seth Matthews

    Trunk bunkies question

    Am I right to assume the threads on these don't go all the way through and that it's basically just a rubber cushion with threaded ends that could possibly rip apart in the middle? If these give way, what's keeping the trunk attatched to the bike, and the passenger from falling if the...
  10. Seth Matthews

    Show your custom vetter jobs.

    I saw something like this on ebay, wondering if any of you have seen or done anything like this? Or anything else for that matter.
  11. Seth Matthews

    Found a radar detector on ebay.
  12. Seth Matthews

    Trailer hitch, to build or buy? any ideas?

    I'm thinking of building/buying a trailer to pull behind the bike. I've heard of people using "U" joints from a truck, or a regular ball type hitch for pulling a trailer. Any recommendations? I'm not opposed to building and fabricating. I was thinking something like this, or this...
  13. Seth Matthews

    Ccw while riding.

    For those of you who have permits, how do you prefer to concealed carry while riding? I'm trying to decide how I'll go about it.
  14. Seth Matthews

    vetter soundbox speaker size?

    Does anyone know what size the speakers in the vetter soundbox are?
  15. Seth Matthews

    Does anyone think this would work?

    I plan on bending some tubing in the shape of my old sissy bar, making a sturdy pad for it, and threading the ends of the tubing. then making a steel support plate for under the seat, with pilot holes for the threaded ends. to attach, simply mount the support plate to the top of the frame /...
  16. Seth Matthews

    Is there ever a vetter meet anywhere?

    Im curious, is there ever a vetter owners show or meet? I just think it'd be cool. There's not to many vetters around where I am, the bike gets lonely lol
  17. Seth Matthews

    Would like ideas to relocate bullet speakers

    I'm not sure where else to put this, I hope this is the right forum. The stereo I have on my bike is a 4 channel and I had these two bolt on bullet style speakers. i'd love to relocate them and hide them, I have highway bars, Vetter side boxes, and trunk on my bike as well. just to give you an...
  18. Seth Matthews

    My trunk arrived, fixed broken light brackets

    Ok, I think I've seen a thread on here but I'll be danged if I can find it with search engines. The tail light housings on my trunk are busted. The lenses are fine but the housings are busted where they pop rivet to the trunk. Any suggestions on how to get around this or fix them? I really...
  19. Seth Matthews

    arm rest's adapted to a vetter trunk?

    my wife and my son like to ride with me, arm rest's would make her more comfortable, and they'd make my son more secured on the bike. I'd love to find a decent set of arm rest's to go with, or on, my vetter trunk. I'd like it to swivel up and down instead of hinging outward. I was wondering...