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  1. Beekman

    Who's got really deep pockets? Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
  2. Beekman

    Fun vetter things

    Hippo hands!!! Bagmans! And this thing! ( Not sure if its actually vetter or just posted that way by the seller)...
  3. Beekman

    Lovely day for a ride!

    What a great day to go cruising! And I must say, despite being dirty and a blown fork seal, my Maxim is looking pretty good!
  4. Beekman

    Windshield refinishing

    Hey vetterland Does anyone have experience refinishing or buffing out their windshield? Mine is still plenty clear to see through but it is noticably cloudier than looking above the windshield. It is only really a bother at night when headlight glare really saturates the windshield. I can see...
  5. Beekman

    Possible earliest lowers

    Hello Craig, Being recently turned on to how awesome windjammers are i picked up a set a couple months ago that someone was giving away for free. Its a full 70s BMW set, so it didnt fit my yamaha. I kept searching and found a set to fit but according to the vetter website the lowers off of the...
  6. Beekman

    Tonneau liners

    Hey vetterland Just wondering what you guys use in your tonneau compartments on the WJ fairing. You know, the big ones on either side, where all the wiring is housed? Are there bags that are (were) shaped to fit this? I don't want to be putting all my stuff in with the wires, and I'm afraid I...
  7. Beekman

    What do I need?

    Hi everyone, New Vetter (vindicator?) owner here. Not sure what model I have, anyways it didn't come with a headlight or ring for the headlight. Its going on a 1980 xj650 if I can find the mount, the headlight off the bike plugs in and fits the "bucket" except for the tab for the old...
  8. Beekman

    Mounting bracket 1980 XJ Maxim, will trade 70's BMW bracket

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a windjammer mounting bracket for a 1980 Yamaha 650 Maxim, I don't see any currently on eBay but will be looking. Picked up a fairing with lowers and mount but it's if from 70's BMW. Would be willing to trade. I am located in southern Ontario. Thanks